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Shruti Sanghvi, MD
Contact Info
Phone: 385.666.9600
Degree: Saurashtra University
Residency: University of Illinois Chicago - Oak Lawn, IL; Internal Medicine
Fellowship: University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics – Iowa City, IA; Rheumatology


"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times when one only remembers to turn on light.”

– Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Dr. Shruti Sanghvi wishes to illuminate her patients’ lives using an innovative therapeutic approach to manage their autoimmune rheumatic condition, while also ameliorating their mental well-being. She strongly believes in spreading happiness and joy, as she finds them to be the most contagious and best healers. She builds strong rapport and a magical connection with her patients, and together they share stories, joy, sorrows, laughter, and much more.  

With her positive and vibrant personality, Dr. Sanghvi brings nearly 15 years of experience as a practicing rheumatologist at Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake Clinic, before joining Vista Healthcare. She has tremendous love and compassion towards her patients; passionately working to create a trusting environment where they can be part of the decision-making process by learning how to actively manage their complex autoimmune conditions.  

While performing joint evaluations and injection procedures, Dr. Sanghvi uses ultrasound-guided diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for greater precision. She also offers viscous supplement/gel injections to her patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knees. Her clinic is organized for on-site infusion treatments to ensure comfort and convenience for patients.  

Dr. Sanghvi enjoys spirituality, yoga, meditation, dancing, cooking, hiking, and listening to music during her free time. She loves spending time with her husband and her three children.

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-- FAQ--

Dr. Sangvhi will be practicing at the following locations:

Vineyard every Tuesday and Thursday

Saratoga Springs every Monday and Wednesday.

Dr. Sanghvi will resume practicing in Salt Lake County in 2023. More details to follow.

Our accepted insurances are subject to change. Please contact us to confirm your insurance at 385.666.9600.

Dr. Sanghvi will be returning to Salt Lake County in 2023. Until that time, she can visit with you via a telehealth appointment. You may be able to visit with her in person after she returns to Salt Lake County.”

Dr. Sanghvi is very caring and compassionate toward her patients. She will try to see if you can visit with her in person to evaluate and address your concerns and perform the needed joint procedures. However, if it is difficult for you to drive that far or get a ride from someone, then she will arrange with her colleagues practicing in Salt Lake county and would request them to do the needed procedure in their office on her behalf. Again, kindly remember that this is temporary and she will return to Salt Lake County in 2023.

You may get your labs at the nearest lab facility where you reside. We will send orders to you or to that facility. The results will be faxed to Dr. Sanghvi. She would like you to get your labs prior to your visit with her as she would like to discuss them with you during your video visit or in person visit.

We will make sure that you continue to receive your infusion treatment. We will obtain prior authorization and schedule you for infusion treatment. You may receive it at the Vineyard location. If you are unable to drive to this location and if you are visiting with her on video visits, then we can arrange for it to be done at a Salt Lake clinic (unless you are already receiving it at a certain location then we will plan to let you continue to receive it at that facility).

It depends on the facility where you visit with Dr. Sanghvi. She would do musculoskeletal ultrasound in her office. For other imaging studies, she will provide the orders and give you further guidance of where they can be done whether you visit with her in person or via video visit.

Yes, if you were her compliant patient, visited with her regularly, and have had your labs checked regularly as recommended, then she will renew your prescription if you have a scheduled follow up visit with her at a new facility. She may be able to renew it during your visit if your prescription supply would last that long. Otherwise, she will renew it for 1-3 months in advance until your upcoming appointment.


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